Saturday, December 3, 2011

Plans B-Z

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
-Walt Disney

Please excuse the absenteeism in between posts. Things at work have been really busy and as a result, I've been really tired. Expect more posts this week.

I've changed my mind. Again. This Saturday I was supposed to move, I didn't. At the very last moment my parents offered me the choice of living with them while I get my master's degree. I decided to take it.

For me getting a master's degree seems like a good decision. I'm hoping to get my master's in HR. I want to be involved in training, which is something I really love.

I'm also making some life changes like I mentioned in my previous post. For one, I'm going to try a spinning class tomorrow morning. I hope it isn't as hard as I've heard it to be. I'll never know until I try. I'm also going to try yoga again. We'll see, I'm really bad about sitting still.

I'm hoping to find a new place to volunteer. I've become pretty selfish lately and I want to gain some perspective on just how blessed I am. Even if sometimes I feel like I have bad karma.

I've started taking some supplements that Dr. Oz suggest for depression relief. I'm not severely depressed at all, I just the blues a little too frequently. I also tend to get really anxious about things. I try to hide it but if you know me well, you've seen it in action.

(Is it weird that I am in love with Dr. Oz? I think he just has a charismatic personality.)

Change needs to happen in my life. I want to make new friends and try new things. If I have time, I even want to take a French class. I'll let you know how it goes.

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