Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Discount Doggie

I made an impulse decision the other day. I adopted a dog. I had been wanting a dog for awhile because pretty soon I'm going to be living all by myself.

Two of my friends and I were looking for a Christmas tree. I knew that the SPCA would be there, but I had already looked for a dog there. We went and looked anyway. There was this cute medium dog there who was very friendly. We eventually moved on to continue our tree search, but my mind was stuck on the dog.

The volunteer had told me that he had been at the shelter for awhile. I couldn't figure it out, he was really cute. So I made a phone call. "Mom, can you come look at this dog at the mall?"

I'm perfectly incapable of making a decision without at least 5 million opinions, so she came up there and he turned into a complete marshmallow. He definitely isn't as hyper as I thought he was.

It turns out that he was on sale for $35 since he had been at the shelter too long. That was the extra push I needed. First off I didn't have to pay as much and secondly I was saving him from being put down.

So now I have this super cute mutt sitting next to me gnawing on my hand. I'm loving it.

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