Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today I went to Whole Foods for the first time ever. It was as awesome as I expected.

Today I'm exhausted from work.

Today I was self-conscious about the fact that I usually don't wear a lot of make-up. If any.

Today I ate like eight cookies. I stress eat by the way.

Today I sang at the top of my lungs on the way home from work so I wouldn't fall asleep.

Today I wanted to write a letter to my congressman, but I ran out of time.

Today I was too tired to watch a TV show.

Today I absent-mindedly walked around my neighborhood looking at Christmas lights with my dog.

Today I learned interesting uses for used coffee grounds. Will blog about that later, if they work.

Today I tried goats milk for the first time. It takes like goat cheese.

Today I'm going to bed earlier.

Today I made a decision about my eating habits.

Tomorrow I will tell you about that decision and write that letter.

What did you do today?

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