Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scout's the Name

My new dog's name is Scout. I forgot to tell you that yesterday. And just in case you happen to love my dog as much as I do, you're in luck. Here's another picture. It took me awhile to get a good one, I had to use the telephoto lens because anytime I get close to him he wants to come to me. As in he wants to be right in my face.

Isn't he cute?

He loves to stay close to me, which makes me happy. At first he liked my littlest brother, Josh, more. Until today I also thought he preferred another brother over me as well. That is until he bit said brother on the rear. ;) That's what he gets for rough housing with me in front of the dog.

My sister's dogs came down for the weekend. Her big dog, Hank, and my dog had tons of fun running around and even going for a swim in the pond. I wish I had good pictures to show you, but I'm still working on my action photography.

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