Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ms. Plan Her Entire Life

I love planning. You could say I get a little too much into it. You see I used to worry so much about everything. My dad's the same way and my grandmother is as well.

My grandmother was talking to me about her worry habits the other day. She told me she had decided to quit a while back because her family was so large there's no way she could keep up with all of us. She's right. We're humans with finite brains and limitations.

Praise God I know someone who is infinite. You see God doesn't have trouble keeping up and He doesn't have to worry. He's the Alpha and Omega. He was there when I was created and will be there when I breathe my last breath. He's had it all planned from the beginning of time. So why the heck am I bothering to worry?

In Francis Chan's book Crazy Love (read it now!), Francis defines worrying in a new way that helped me understand my sin in worrying.

Worry implies that we don’t quite trust that God is big enough, powerful enough, or loving enough to take care of what is happening in our lives.

When I worry I am being ridiculous enough to say that God doesn't know what's going on, doesn't have the power to change my circumstances or just plain doesn't care. Yet I know deep down inside that's not true! The God of the universe loves me infinitely and can do anything. What an amazing love He has for me! He knew about all of my moments of questioning, suffering, and confusion from the beginning of time and He uses these moments to shape me. He knew I would be me and I would royally mess up frequently.

Since He loves me so, I have no need to worry. When man intends something for evil God can turn it around. When I wander He's waiting for me to come back home. He throws my sin as far as the east is from the west. Praise God!

So I quit. I quit worrying. I'm not going to do it. God is in control.

And for once:

I am enjoying being single.
I am going to put aside my "career."
I am going to follow God.
I am enjoying today for today.

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  1. You go girl! Backing you 100 percent. I believe in you!