Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rain, Rain

I love rain. The smell right before it rains to me is glorious. Hearing the rain on the roof and windows while I cuddle up with a book can make my day. Being able to sleep in during a thunderstorm is even better, but there are times when rain is an inconvenience. Today is one of those times. I had already donned my exercise clothes and tennis shoes. With my dogs' leashes in hand I walked to the garage door just as it began to rain. No exercise today, right? That's what I thought. I googled rainy day exercise but didn't find too many solutions. I didn't want to go to the mall to walk (although an excellent solution) nor did I want to follow directions for whatever I was doing. Then I remembered, I was the only one home. It was the perfect time for my indoor exercises. Let me give you a list of my favorite rainy day/hot day exercises.
  • Run around in a certain path. I run around our bottom floor "circle."
  • Hop around on one foot, then switch.
  • Walk backwards.
  • Skip.
  • Do jumping jacks.
  • Have stairs? Climb 'em!
  • Do sit ups.
  • Jump rope.
  • Stretch.
  • Have fun with it!

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